Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tribute Mix in Memory of Alan "Claw" Letko by Ale Fillman

Made this mix after hearing the sad news that Claw passed away suddenly. He was a great producer and will always be one of my favorites. Here are some tracks from him and projects he was involved in. TrillBass was a huge inspiration to my tracks in the early days of Dubstep!

1. Stackin - TrillBass and Solace
2. Hash n Hydro (TrillBass Remix) - Conscious Pilot
3. Snocap - TrillBass
4. Tony Danza - TrillBass
5. See You - Hulk
6. Swagger - Trillbass and Symbl
7. Angel Dust - Hulk
8. Where's Your Head At (Hulk's Rave Monster Rmx) - Bassment Jaxx
9. Fist Pump - TrillBass
10. Save Me From Myself - TrillBass
11. Day n Night - (TrillBass and E Remix) - Kid Cudi
12. Lotus - TrillBass
13. Get Some - TrillBass
14. Do Or Die - TrillBass and Symbl Remix
15. No Gravity (Claw VIP) - Patrick Wallace
16. The Broasassin Messiah VIP - Numbergame
17. Ruckus - Claw

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