Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle Dub Mix by DJ Aporia

Download the mix here.

A chilled out Dubby X-mas Dubstep/Grime mix by Dj Aporia, it's an oldie but goodie! :)

Jingle Dub Playlist:

The LIttle Drummer Boy - Decomposure
Crime Wave - King Tubby
Eye Turn Red - Ale Fillman
Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
Butterfish - Fullness (Marlow remix)
One Step - Matty G
One - Jazzsteppa
Jingle All The Way - Lena Horne
Tamil Dub - Cotti
Scum - Marlow
Merry Christmas Baby - Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
Gangsters - Wiley
Tomb - Gatekeeper
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies - 1st Class Lounge
The Knowledge - Toasty
No Big Deal - Slaughter Mob
Wiked 'n' Bad - Rogue State

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make Dub Not War Volume 3 - Ale Fillman vs. Aporia

Download the mix here.

Make Dub Not War V3

Ale Fillman +++++++++++++++++++++++

Downlink - Containment Failure (Leanin' Edit)
Bukez Finezt - Buckshot
Ale Fillman - Call Me Master
Mark Instinct & Symbl - City Lights Bootleg
Bong - Heavy Charge
Juggernaut - Snakes
Chewie - Hammerhead
BMC - Broooooo
Sharps - Bad Sister
Droid Sector - Dead Code
Ale Fillman - Buddy Gripple
Mimosa - Serious
Diplo - Make You Pop (Hooky Dubstep Remix)
Mr Bungle - Retrovertigo (Zeno Remix)
Digital Farm Animals - Positive Vibez
Alexis K - Circadian Rhythms

Aporia +++++++++++++++++++++++

Broken Note, Machine Code - Knuckle Dust
Hecq - Sura
Jazzsteppa - Investment Decision
Gramatik - Step 007
Dead Prez, WTF? - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (Dubbed Out Mix)
Downlink - Ghost (Bukez Finezt Remix)
Joint Forces Ft Claudja Barry - Good Time Girl
DJ Sneak - Southern Boy (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)
Flinch - Hiero
Katy B - Katy On A Mission
Kill Light - In The Dancehall
Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Foamo Remix)
Foamo - Centavo (Warrior One Remix)
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (Joker Remix)
SRC - Goomba VIP

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sub.FM 8.8.10 - Ale Fillman & Aporia with DJ CurlyOne

Download the mix here.

WARNING: Explicit material inside this ride!! Big up DJ CurlyOne for coming down from Colorado Springs to drop some sick tunes. Dubstep, Mashup, Bassline and Funky summertime madness.

Ale Fillman

Dread Foxx - Low MothaFucka (f8 dirty bitchmix)
Borgore - Ice Cream (Claw VIP)
Ale Fillman feat. N:Coder - Murder Low
Richie August - Sippin
Ale Fillman - Headbanger Boogie
Bombaman - Fat Camp
Mr. Boogie & Ill Bill Bachelor - Montana
Solace & Trillbass - Stackin
Kromestar Ft. Cessman - Kalawanji
Ale Fillman - Press Go (Downlink remix)
Ale Fillman - Get Up Life
Patrick Wallace - No Gravity (ClawVonTiestofold VIP)
Solace - Spokane

DJ CurlyOne

16bit - PCP
Reso - Armored Core
DatSik & Funtcase - Brock Out
Vee - 1Tym
Symbl, Sluggo - Sharks Don't Sleep
Mensah - Brian Badonde Riddim
Trolley Snatcha - Violently Ill
DZ & Rozanski - The Tape
TVicious - Give Me What I Want
Mensah and Eddie K - Steady As She Goes
Monsta - Caveman
DZ & Bowzer - Nuff Dubplates
Rob Sparx - Casino
Richie August, Skope Diesel - Make Em Cum
Noisia - Split the atom Bar 9 rmx
Jakes - Boom Boom Bass
Excision & Datsik - Boom (Triage Rmx)
Example - Dirty Face (Benga Remix)
Freeland - Do You (Joker remix)
Numa Crew - Gangsta Na Play
Skism - The Blank (16bit remix)
Tony Rocky Horror - Backseat
Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Downlink Remix)
Magnetic Man - I Need Air
Cookie Monsta - AntiChrist


Youngman, Crissy Criss - Kick Snare Dunstep VIP
Richie August - Back That Thang Up
Ry Legit - The Shine
Oddboy - Hyper Slung
Freestylers - Cracks feat. Belle Humble - Flux Pavillion Remix
We Bang - Smash The Floor
M.I.A. - Steppin Up (Last Japan Bootleg)
Husky Rescue - They Are Coming (Warrior One Remix)
Skin Up - A Juicy Red Apple (Hostage Remix)
Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - Prohibition feat The Liks (Warrior One Remix)
Foamo - Centavo
Acen - Close Your Eyes (Disco of Doom Got More Bass remix)
Drums of Death - Lonely Dub
DJ P.O.L.Style - Crystal Fighters (Brackles Remix) Vs. DJ Pied Piper
Project Bassline - The Twelfth Step (Herve 'Jungle Step' refix)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Slice of Revenge (Lightsaber Battle) - Ale Fillman vs. Spacetoaster

A first of many short films from Squid House. Ale Fillman vs Spacetoaster Lightsaber duel!! The music is Ale Fillman - Nightmare (Out on Shift Recordings). All audio was edited with Ableton Live and the movie was shot on a Kodak Zi8 and editing in Final Cut Pro and Motion. Enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sub.FM 7.11.10 - Ale Fillman & Aporia

Click here to download the mix.

DJ Aporia

Duurty Goodz - Born Blessed
Roommate - Ras Vibes
Digid - Sellasie
Gnashism - Elastic Dub
Nebulla & Soroka - Nitetime
Digid - Scumbags (Bukkha Remix)
16bit - Jump
El Remolon vs Maluca - Tigeraso
Unicorn Kid - Dreamcatcher (PhOtOmachine Remix)
Future Simple Project - SnowLion
Benga - Transform
Soroka - Uncrushable
DJ SnipaZ - Unforgiven

Ale Fillman

Kode9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Rmx)
Young Problemz - Boy
Skream - Dutch Flowerz
Various Artists - Trodding Through the Jungle
Monsta - Submarine
Gemmy - Johnny 5
Sharps - The Growth
Ale Fillman - Street Slang
Netrik - Disrupted Mindflow
Alexis K - Losing Red
Atreus - Throw Your Hands Up
Sharps - Deepside
hd4000 - Throw Your Straps (Ale Fillman Rmx)
Emu & Pawn - Threadz


High Rankin - Suicide 2 Point Oh (Temper D Remix)
Blondie - Call Me (TheMessiah Dubstep Rmx)
Little Jinder - Polyhedron - Supra1 Remix
Major Lazer & La Roux - Tigerlily (DYWHAP Blend) ft. Rusko
Medison ft. Skrein - Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
Druley - UltraBot
Brother Culture, Jellybass - No Love - Jazzsteppa vs. Borgore Remix
Linton Brown - Wave
The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
Bukez Finezt - Shut Up!
Rumble Junkie - Haters
AC Slater - Take You Feat. Ninjasonik (Doorly Remix)
Claw - Instigator

Ale Fillman

Monsta - Cluck
Ikonika - Please
BMC - Tops Drops
Banana Bomber & Dr. Philth - What Are You Waiting For
Antiserum and DJG - Bulgarian Funk
Downlink - Crippled Camel
Alexis K - Act II Scene IV
Bukez Finezt - Lindsey Dean
Bassnectar & Jantsen - Blast Off
Hulk - Hot Peppers
Claw - Ruckus
Tipper - ruck
Depone - Dramazon

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sub.FM 6.13.10 - Aporia & Ale Fillman with Zeno

Download the mix here.

Ale Fillman

Blue Scholars - New People (Empire Remix)
Si Begg - Are You A Big Boy DJ - Beggline VIP
DJ Mujava - Township Funk - Boy 8 Bit Remix
Hot Mess - Dip!
Cheebs - Shut Um Down (Ale Fillman Remix)
Sharps - Bad Sister
The World (Mark Instinct Remix)
J. Rabbit - Im So Happy
Alexis K - Losing Red
Quantum Soul - Dream Catcher
Cacheflowe - Lost My 808
Chi featuring Armanni Reign - Get Up (Dubtek Remix)
Alexis K - Signal Lost


Oceania - Splash
George Lenton vs Al Green - Simply Beautiful
Matta - Pipes
Nas & Damien Marley - Patience (Hulk Remix)
Dodge, Fuski - Pornstep feat. The Highbury Whores
Dizzee Rascal, Chase & Status - Heavy
High Rankin - Occupation--Pimp And Gambler
UltraBlack - Hate On Us (ADR VIP)
Bare - Life
Sluggo - SlugStep
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead - Borgore Remix
Ry Legit - Risky Business
Double S - From Day


Zeno - Bluntz
Alert - Byzantine
Zeno & SlySonix - Nystagmus
Stagga - Timewarp - Zeno Remix
John Wayne - Call The Police
Widdler - Acheri
Distal - Zues de Trop
Zeno - Object Pool VIP
Liquid Stranger - Ripple
Widdler - Just Want
Jaybird -
Downlink ft. Depone - Antimatter
Korea - Needles
Zeno - No Child of God remix

Ale Fillman vs. Aporia vs. Zeno

Banana Bomber - Raw Eggs
Hot Mess - Skream At Me feat. Armanni Reign
Downlink - The Night
Claw - Instigator
Drop 'N' Roll - The Vampires
Drumsound Bassline Smith - Clap Your Hands Dubstep Mix
Zeno - Android Attack

Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle Talk Vol. 1 - Ale Fillman vs. Odeed vs. Chewie vs. Zeno

Artwork by Alert

Download the mix HERE

Battle Talk is made up of 4 DJs: Ale Fillman, Odeed, Chewie and Zeno. This mix features influences and styles from various genres including Hip-Hop, Mashup, Jazz, Funk, Dubstep and more... The goal of this project is to successfully blend the styles from all 4 DJs to form one mix. Turntablism, Technics, Laptops, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch, a QFO and some serious sample digging were used to put together this mix for your musical pleasure. So now after lengthy process, we are proud to bring you Battle Talk Vol 1!! Much thanks to Alert for the artwork. Battle on....
0:00 Intro
Ale Fillman
0:25 Here Comes My Blunted Style
2:31 Walking In The Shadows
4:53 Thug Slang At A Quarter Past Midnight
6:10 Snoop Blew Up Christina
6:53 I Beat Your Street Knowledge
8:20 Pulling Out Gatz For Fun
10:47 Kickin Game With Young Zee
11:57 I've Been Runnin'
13:02 Intro
14:45 x-clan - heed to the word of the brother
15:54 notorious big - going back to cali
17:02 epmd - you gots to chill
17:55 mc breed ain't no future in yo frontin'
20:05 cypress hill - kill a man
21:10 black sheep - the choice is yours
22:45 a tribe called quest - scenario (remix)
24.41 It Gets No Rougher
25.50 Pity The Fool
26.18 Eastern Slam
27.19 Panpipe Cut
27.47 Keep On Moving (Don't Believe The Hype)
28.00 Sensi Mngo
28.55 Suckers killed slow
29.50 26 Scratch Lines
30.31 Code Black @ Triage
31.02 Chase the Devil
32.31 Champion Sounds
34.21 Just Feel It
34:49 Open Defiance
38:11 Clyde's Crunk
40:38 KUVO Mash

Thursday, June 3, 2010

DJ Aporia - Cut A Rug Dance mix!

Download the mix HERE (192kpbs)

cut-a-rug-mix 53:03

1. The rapture - out of the races and onto the tracks
2. crystal castles - birds
3. new young pony club - ice cream
4. the virgins - rich girls (le castle vania remix)
5. felix da house cat - silver screen shower scene - thin white
duke mix by jacques lu cont
6. the gossip - heavy cross (rac mix)
7. justice - let there be light
8. lcd soundsystem - dance yrself clean (The slips Remix)
9. yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (digiraatii dance remix)
10. sebastian - walkman
11. boys noize - superfresh
12. snoop dogg - that tree (hunter vaughan gettin it mix)
13. madox - duckalicious (baobinga thugalicious remix)
14. hot pink delorean & fantastadon - party favour
15. mason feat DMC & Sam Sparro - Corrected (riva Starr Vocal rmx)
16. party dark - is that you? (calvertron remix)
17. dirty inc., elektrakute - dirty - will bailey remix
18. udachi - jellyroll
19. drop the lime - set me free
20. boy 8-bit - fogbank (jack beats Remix)
21. jack beats - ufo - k-hole riddim mix
22. foamo - centavo
23. rox - my baby left me (arms Remix)
24. bassnectar - yo feat. kristinamaria

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DCR All Stars Vol. 2 - promo mini mix by DJ Aporia

DCR All-Stars Volume 2 features seven finely crafted Dubstep tunes from a diverse lineup of producers, weighty, melodic, with satisfying bass all over the place. These face melters attract with eerie synths, undulating liquid bass and heavy metal distortions, stabbing drums and wild raucous basslines. These are boss and authoritative rhythms, classic Hip Hop influenced with creative House wobbles and sunshine crunked out sub bass love. Find hilarious samples, dance inducing octaves, bleeps and original styles. Featuring Korea, Symbl, Rumblejunkie, Ale Fillman, hd4000, Cheebs and Grizzy Tha Slumlord.

Release Date: May 26th, 2010

Available on Dirty Circuit Records

Artists: Korea, Symbl, Rumblejunkie, Ale Fillman, Cheebs, Grizzy Tha Slummlord, hd4000
Release Name: DCR All-Stars Vol 2


0:00 - Korea - Organic
2:02 - Rumblejunkie - The Edge
3:48 - hd4000 - Throw Your Straps - Ale Fillman rmx
5:01 - hd4000 - Bum Rush
6:24 - Grizzy Tha Slumlord - Psycho X Girlfriend
7:43 - Symbl - War Chant
8:43 - Cheebs - The Game Is Over

Watch and listen on youtube:

Purchase at Beatport after the release date:

Dirty Circuit Records on Beatport here
Dirty Circuit Records on Digital-Tunes here
Dirty Circuit Records on Addictech here

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sub.FM 4.11.10 - Aporia & Ale Fillman with Cacheflowe

Download the mix here.

DJ Aporia

Milyoo - It Feels
Portishead - Over (HABSTRAKT Dubstep Refix)
Ikonika - Sahara Michael
Todd Edwards - I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)
Loops Haunt - Huarache (NastyNasty edit)
Vex'd - Disposition (feat. Jest)
Dustmite - Game Over (Distance Remix)
Jeuce - Flavour (Bare Noize Remix)
BBU - Chi Don't Dance (Richie August remix)
Kelly Dean & Steady - Teflon ft Kemst (Datsik & Excision rmx)
Giant - Drumstick Vip
12th Planet & Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P remix)
UltraBlack - YouNeedJesus remix
Joker - Tron
Gnashism - Dreader Than
DLX & Kemst - City of Cars (Von D Remix)


mochipet - robo crunk juice (cacheflowe remix)
architect - lost my 808 on a rainy day (cacheflowe remix)
cacheflowe vs. the tickler - computer world
cacheflowe - flowebot dub
cacheflowe - flowebot ft. brer rabbit (machinedrum waterfall dub)
a shoreline dream & ulrich schnauss – neverchanger (cacheflowe remix)
cacheflowe - crunch dub
cacheflowe - crunch dub vip
cacheflowe - oh! dub
scaffolding - microbe (cacheflowe remix)
cacheflowe - slowruffa
cacheflowe - recursion
cacheflowe vs. the tickler - computer love (rough)
george & caplin - he really got through to advertising (cacheflowe remix)

Ale Fillman

Van Halen - Eruption
Conscious Pilot - Digital Done Dirty
bombaman & dmndays - boner dents v1
Titsworth - WTF (Smoke & Mirrors rmx)
Party Crashers Unite - Put Your Hands Up 4 NY
Ale Fillman - Nightmare Hot Mess VIP
snak & chadio - robocaps (bombaman remix)
Don Goliath - Drunken Bagstep
HD4000 - Throw Your Straps - Ale Fillman Remix
Borgore, Ultrablack, XIAN 1 - Spirit Road
Mr. boogie & Ill Bill Bachelor - Dead Junglist
Twista - Celebrity Overnight (Richie August & Symbl rmx)
Le Castle Vania + Computer Club - The Messiah
Mark Instinct - HeatWav
Downlink & Ale Fillman - Uncut
Slayer - Hallowed Point

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sub.FM 3.14.10 - Ale Fillman & Aporia

Click here to download the mix.

Ale Fillman

Bukkha - A Dub Called Further
Migrant - Ward 9
Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General - Marcus Visionary rmx
RSK - Castle mania (Belmont Boogie)
Migrant - Firebrand VIP
Fraser Mills - Tetris Dubstep
Ale Fillman vs. Jantsen - Hustlin
Mr. Hudson - White Lies (Rusko Euphoria remix)
Malente & Dex - Lions [Bassnectar & iLL Gates remix]
Hot Mess - Plonka
Ale Fillman - Street Slang
Matty G - The Scratch The Bass


Kid Sister - Daydreaming (Jakwob Remix)
Zeno - Sensi Star
DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage remix)
Sick Cycle - Mutate
Eprom - Hendt
Terror Danjah - Pro Plus feat. D.O.K.
Starkey - Millennia
Example - Wont go quietly - Kid Simple remix
Kelly Dean - Bass Face
Thunderskank - Bun Out
Richie August & Skope Diesel - Dub Diesel
Matta - Mass
Hot Mess - Baby Grrl

Ale Fillman

Bukez Finezt - Buckshot
Don Goliath - Drunken Bagstep
Migrant - Sideshow
Downlink, Ale Fillman - UnCut
Piranha - Aegis (hd400 remix)
Ale Fillman - Sharpen My Banger
JK Soul - The Beginning Of This Journey
Fat Pat & TravCo - Shit Eater
Boreta - Bubblin In The Cut
Arsenic - Real Talk VIP
Terror Danjah - Reloadz
Conscious Pilot - Hash N Hydro (TRiLLBASS VIP)


SPL - Union Jack feat. Geno Cochino
Dub Crookz - Marios Castle
Mochipet - Marshall Bass Stacks (Kraddy Remix)
The Others & N-Type - Circuit
Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes - Deathface's Son of Perdition Remix
Bring Me The Horizon - Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix)
Caspa - I Beat My Robot
High Rankin - Meow Meow
Borgore - Act Like A Ho
Party Dark - Is That You? (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
TRiLLBASS - Beer Run
The Brockout - Shake Down
Hot Mess - Foot Fist Way

Ale Fillman

Green Jelly - 3 Little Pigs (bukkha Remix)
Stickybuds - Eat A Porkchop - Datsik Remix
Jump Around - Jantsen remix
Dayn - Party Starta
KOAN Sound - Alchemy
PIL - Trap Goin Ham

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sub.FM 2.14.10 - Ale Fillman & Aporia with Digital Grl

Download the mix here.


Eek a Mouse - Ganja Smuggling (Rodney Rolls remix)
Burial - Archangel (Zeno bootleg)
She Is Danger - Hurt You - Sub Scape Remix
Sub Focus - Could This Be Real - Joker Remix
Slugabed - Quantum Leap
Rogue State - Unicorns Funk Strut
BMC & Bukkha - To Fuck or To Kill
Liquid Stranger, Excision - Get To The Point
Wiley - Gangsters (Druley Bootleg)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Adam F, Horx - Shut The Lights Off feat. Redman - Caspa & Trolley Snatcher Remix
Mark Instinct - Love Me Nots
Basement Jaxx - Scars (Engine Earz remix)

Digital Grl

Sunship - Sweet FA - Flowers
Mary J Blige - Dance Sunship mix
Sunship - Flow - Sunship Dub for me
Shut Up & Dance - Moving Up feat. 2ton
DJ Luck & MC Neat - Little Bit of Luck - Artful Dodger mix
Sneaker Pimps - Sick x men vocal
Y Tribe mix - Hold on
Kristine Blond Rip MC Easyrider - You Make Me go OOoh - DND 12" mix
Ms. Dynamite - Menta - Ramp
PD Syndicate feat. Elephant man - Zoom Zoom
Rox - My Baby Left Me (Arms Remix)
Kidda - Hey Y'all (Kidda Remix)
a1 bassline - 8oh8
Crookers ft. Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals (Tons of Friends)
Kidda - Feel Too Good (Jack Beats remix)
Last Japan - Jungle Warrior
Wiley Feat. Emeli Sandé - Never Be Your Woman (Solo ‘Loves Garage’ Remix)
Roska - Hey Cutie
Crookers - No Security (feat. Kelis - Rustie Remix)
DJ Zinc - Killa Sound (Skream remix)

Ale Fillman

Matty G - Bitter Love
BMC and Bukkha - Take Chance
BMC feat. Werd2Jah - Soundbwoy Killing (Bukkha Remix)
Klone - Want2Babylon
Piranha - Aegis (hd4000 remix)
B. Rich - We Ball Harder (DZ Remix)
Rumblejunkie - Lava Flow
KirKus - Monster Kill
Mr. Boogie & Ill Bill Bachelor - Dead Junglist
Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Downlink Remix)
Symbl - War Chant
Gucci Mane - Break Yourself feat Lil B (Diplo Remix)

Ale Fillman - Delicate Beatz studio mix!

Download the mix HERE

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sub.FM 1.10.10 - Ale Fillman & Aporia

Click here to download the mix.

Ale Fillman ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Johnny Polygon vs. Joker n Rustie - There Go Joker N Rustie (Ale Fillman Mashup)
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)
Jantsen vs. James aka the bOOM cliQUe - bam aka the bomb fin
Goldielocks - DollaDolla (GlitchBitch ReFix)
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Five 9
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode (Kraddy Remix)
Sharps feat. Major Trouble - Love
Shitmat - Dubplatter
Akira Kiteshi - Boom N Pow
Bassnectar - The Churn Of The Century
Downlink - Ghost

Aporia ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Partysquad - Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix)
Versa - Killah
Gnashism - London (Bass LDN EP on C-Front)
Dub Engine - Revelation Dub
Kromestar - Budwise
Fused Forces - Jah Thought
C. Dubz - You Know
Marschmellow - Reel Simple
Mark Instinct - Sketchy Maxx (u wot Ruckus & Roke Rmx)
Micky Slim, Virus Syndicate - Skank Out - MRK 1 Remix
abZ - Panty Drop
Pure Phase - Itch That Itch (forthcoming Dirty Circuit Records)

Ale Fillman ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Prodigy - Out of Space (Bukkhas I Luv haterz RMX)
Major Lazer - Keep It Going Louder (DZ vs NTRLD vs 2Pac Fillman Flip)
MNUVR - Basik Lee (Revisited)
Hot Mess - Plonka
Cheebs - Boss Hawg
Gravediggaz - 1800SUICIDE (Rumblejunkie Remix)
Jump Around (Jantsen Remix)
KOAN Sound - Jump Suit Adventures
Richie August - Smash Dat (juke mix)
8485 - breakin my back (bombaman remix)
KOAN Sound - Burnt Banana
Solace + Vacate - Body Flip

Aporia ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Graham Acidic - Barricade
Faithless - Your the sun - Emalkay Remix
Hulk - Angel Dust (King remix)
Bokator - Aneurysm
Crookers ft. Kelis - No Security
Datsik - Gizmo
Wu - Tang - Biochemical Equation (Datsik & Excision Remix)
KirKus and Teksteppa - Cold Killer
Bare Noize - Hangover
Tittsworth - WTF feat. Kid Sister & Pase Rock - Crissy Criss Remix

Ale Fillman vs. Aporia ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DJ Absurd - Hats To The Back
Arsenic vs Richie August - Rockin it new
Dead Prez - HipHop (Number Nin6's Pervert Refix)
Ale Fillman - Press Go (Downlink Short Circuit RMX)
High Rankin - Corner Of Ya Block
Instra:mental - No Future - Skreamix
Foamo - Wardance - P.O.W. mix
Rob Sparx - What U Gonna Do - NumberNin6 Remix
Stickybuds - Eat a Porkchop - Datsik Remix
Borgore - My Favourite Tingz
L-Wiz - Must