Monday, March 16, 2009

Sub.FM 3.10.09 - Ale Fillman & Aporia w/guest Alert

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DJ Aporia --------------------------------->

Jah Cure- Deep Within (Original Freezin Mix) [forthcoming Ghetto Knowledge]
Don Carlos - Late Night Blues (DJG bootleg)
The Spit Brothers - Roll and Tumble [Dubs Alive]
Bar9 - Murda Sound (eskmo remix) [Z-Audio]
Downlink - The Keeper [forthcoming Dirty Circuit Records]
Antiserum, Dubsworth - Ugly Mon [Dubs Alive]
Jsuave - SmogCheck [Filthy Digital]

Ale Fillman --------------------------------->

Kelly Dean - Steamroller [unreleased]
Mind - Cocktails and Coke!! [unreleased]
The Specials - Ghost Town (DJG bootleg)
JKamata, 2000F - You Don't Know What Love Is [Hyperdub]
Squincy Jones - 3 Kings [unreleased]
Monsta feat. ed cox - mad sick [unreleased]
Mochipet - A Milli Girls Standing in the line for the Bathroom [Daly City]
Fraser Mills - Tetris Dubstep [unreleased]

Special Guest Live Set by Alert --------------------------------->

01. Intro
02. g0dle55 "Dead's Own [Oblivion Fringe]
03. loop-track one (unreleased)
04. loop-track two (unreleased)
05. loop-track three (unreleased)
06. g0dle55 "Black Doom" [Oblivion Fringe]
07. g0dle55 "Mummy Dust" [Oblivion Fringe]
08. Alert "Almost Cold" (unreleased)
09. loop-track four (unreleased)
10. loop-track five (unreleased)
11. loop-track six (unreleased)
12. Alert "Saucer Centurion" (unreleased)
13. loop-track seven (unreleased)
14. g0dle55 "They Say My Eyes Are Fire" (edited) [Oblivion Fringe]
15. g0dle55 "petsateK" [Oblivion Fringe]
16. Time For Trees "Sad Livin'" (Alert re-step) (unreleased)

The "loop-tracks" are made up of manipulated/edited drum/synth/rhythm samples

Aporia b2b Ale Fillman --------------------------------->

Psychonaught - I Just Want You [unreleased]
K.Gol - I Love Haters [Buuusted Records]
DJ Absurd - Hush Your Trap! [unreleased]
Si Begg - Are You A Big Boy DJ - Beggline VIP [Noodles]
Pandemic - Blackmass Plastics [Rag & Bone]
Monsta - Got The Love [unreleased]
Ale Fillman - Press Go [Dirty Circuit Records]
Cookie Monsta - Me Want Cookie [unreleased]
Rusko - Hammertime [Sub Soldiers]
Ale Fillman feat. N:Coder - Walk With A Limp [unreleased]
Times Neue Roman - To Die (Bombaman remix) [unreleased]
Solace - Vibe Crusha [Dirty Circuit Records]

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